Tips N Hints

Do I really need a base wax?

We recommend a base coat to prevent topcoats moving around. Our base coat is a super hard wax which can also be used as a tropical wax.

How often should I wax?

A light coat is required prior to every surf including your first surf after re-waxing with GETAGRIP.


  • For best bumps = leave a few minutes between base and topcoat to allow the wax to set!
  • Apply warm wax onto a cool board - If the weather is on the cooler side place your wax in the sun or somewhere warm to soften slightly. 
  • How do i warm up the wax? Customer tips - under your arm for a minute or 2?? in front of your car heater on the way to your fave break!!
  • If you apply less pressure, you will create taller, smaller-circumference beads. Pushing harder makes beads that are flatter and bigger around. It’s really a matter of preference. 

The problem with regular wax..

Basically, petrochemicals are found in the majority of surf waxes with paraffin being the main petrochemical used to produce these waxes. Paraffin is the final byproduct in the petroleum refining process. Petroleum waxes are derived from crude oil. The wax is separated from the other components during the refining process. Unfortunately wax  eventually fall off and continue to build up on our ecosystems.

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What ingredients go into your wax?

100% Natural Ingredients. Beeswax, coconut oil, tree sap, clay and a little lemon myrtle.

Paraffin, soy and petrochemical free.

How do I wrap my wax?

See here for how to wrap your wax with our beeswax surf wax wraps.

Help mother nature out and be a part of the solution and not the cause! #checkyourwax