How to...

Important: GETAGRIP must be applied just  prior to every surf - including your first surf after re-waxing!

Remove existing wax. Start with a clean board - THIS IS A MUST IF YOU WANT A GOOD WAX JOB!

BASE COAT: Use the edge of the wax to cross hatch

BASE COAT: Use the flat edge of the wax to apply rail to rail and nose to tail

BASE COAT: Using light pressure apply 2 or 3 coats using a circular pattern until small bumps start to appear

TOP COAT: Using light pressure, continue waxing in a circular pattern until lumps form. Keep Going!! Natural waxes take a little longer to bead up than traditional waxes. WHY? Because they are free from chemicals!

For best results leave a few minutes between coats and apply a light coat before each surf including the first surf after application.