Don't just take our word for it, check out what others think of GETAGRIP Surf Wax.

'Surfed out Snapper the last 4 days using getagrip. Grip was great, bumped up nicely and and the smell was rad too. Considering it is waaayay more eco friendly than traditional wax, I'd be stoked to use getagrip from now on' ~ Adam

'I have been fortunate enough to try out your wax on some pumping point break conditions! It feels like there is nothing under your feet but at the same time being plenty grippy. I have really enjoyed trying out your product and I am excited to carry on using it in the future! ~ Ethan

Yewwww thanks, just had a surf on the wax and it was sick! The bumps are coming along so good and the wax held up great. So good. Thanks guys! ~ Hamish

Honestly bloody loved the stuff! Was phenomenally sticky! Would definitely recommend! ~ Indi